Starwars Breakfast

January 08, 2021

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StarWars breakfast and activity.

Amara loves stories, and then makes them her own by role playing or colouring, cutting and sticking activities. Her Amma (@raisingrohi) is an artist and can make any shape dosas!

In the last picture, she has a drawn a space shuttle where R2D2 is the captain and the others (both good and bad characters) are discussing and not fighting.

Workout Video

Sameer is excited about working at the intersection of technology and impact. An idea that sparked from an internship, resulted in a company, Artoo, that enabled US $1 billion loans to small businesses and impacted 5 million lives. He is fascinated by the elegance of a well designed system and the satisfaction that a maker gets by seeing the awe in the user.

Sameer loves experimenting with software and technology in general. He is an aspiring triathlete and loves taking his daughter on Dadventures.