Bejwelled Laptop

December 02, 2020

Amara loves her Peppa activity books which come with extra stickers. She decided to put a few stickers on each of our laptops to help us differentiate them. She placed two stickers of Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig and Mama Pig on her grandparents and mama’s laptop one by one.

When it came to my laptop, I had a few suggestions as to where I wanted it placed to balance out the Deathly Hallows stickers from Harry Potter. Amara didn’t like me giving suggestions and decided that I was not worthy of her stickers. I apologized and pleaded, and then after a few minutes went away to do some work.

When I came back I saw this:

Bejwelled Laptop

I was shocked and fought my first impulse to say anything. Amara explained to me what she had done - I put all the things that you like: strawberries, cherries, jelly, watermellon, cookies and dinosaurs. I put a big heart because I love you. And some flowers and stars.

Toddlers love you intensely. I decided to keep it as is. I realized I had grown up and really become a dad. Any moment before this I would have scrubbed stickers off immediately (I take my decals very seriously).

I took the above picture to mark the moment.


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Sameer loves experimenting with software and technology in general. He is an aspiring triathlete and loves taking his daughter on Dadventures.