Projects with my Daughter

Every morning, we (Amara & I) try and set off on our Dadventure together. Somedays, if I am lucky, we go outside. While on other days we play inside the house. This is a collection of our discoveries and inventions together. She loves stories and every activity has a story that we have tried to capture here.

Movie Activity

Taking the movie beyond the movie

Mars 2020 Mission

To infinity and beyond

Harry Potter Soduku

Making Soduku accessible


Starwars Breakfast

Cutting & Sticking activity

Bejwelled Laptop


Rain Sensor

Sameer is excited about working at the intersection of technology and impact. An idea that sparked from an internship, resulted in a company, Artoo, that enabled US $1 billion loans to small businesses and impacted 5 million lives. He is fascinated by the elegance of a well designed system and the satisfaction that a maker gets by seeing the awe in the user.

Sameer loves experimenting with software and technology in general. He is an aspiring triathlete and loves taking his daughter on Dadventures.